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"What our customers" are saying?

Mrs. Sanquinitta has a great spirit, she's amazing and very professional. She provided me with excellent customer service and the service I requested was completed in a timely fashion. 

Genevieve P-  KJ's Caring Gifts of Life, LLC

I needed 50 personalized hand sanitizers for my daughters wedding, Sanergy made them and the font was very elegant and she also placed "waterproof" labels on them. ~Marcia M

I needed a resume, I don't know how to use a computer all that well, so I wrote down everything took a picture of what I wrote and texted it to Mrs. Johnson. When she delivered my resume I felt very professional.

~Alice M

Notary Services

Our notary fee is $10 per signature. If you have a document that needs to be notarized and it requires both you and another person to sign it, the notary fee would be $20. 

If the document only requires you to sign it the fee would be $10. The charge is $0.60 per mile traveled. 

I'm always happy to meet at a convenient public location. 

Call, Text or DM if you have any questions, because we have answers.



Some of our Administrative Services

Providing you with the tools you need to maintain workflow productivity while staying organized.

~Rates are customized to the specific needs of each client~

* Mobile Notary Services


*Administrative Services

*Organizing Office Files

*Creating/Revising Policy and Procedures

*Scheduling Appointments

*Document Creation

*Certified Mail Services

I recommend all services. I am a satisfied client and I plan to continue to do business with her. She listens to what your needs are, plans it out and executes. The results are in a timely manner with nothing but expertise. The logo she designed for me was heaven sent! Hand sanitizers, brochures, and business cards, she did that with a SHOW OUT!!! Policy and Procedures, that too! Client Services Agreement, yes she did! I can go on and on. Sanquinitta's stewardship helped with bringing Ecorah Comfort Homecare Services to life.~ Christina R 

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